Review Chuwi eBook – cheap iPad Pro version

Review Chuwi eBook - cheap iPad Pro version

Recently, Apple introduced a tablet iPad Pro, which a lot of people liked for recognition the strength of pressing.  However, not everyone can afford to buy such an expensive tablet. Chinese engineers always find a way to develop a cheaper option. New Chuwi eBook is also able to recognize the pressing force. Today we tell you about this device, buy we have to say that we will not compare Apple iPad Pro and Chuwi eBook because they belong to completely different segments.

Specification Chuwi eBook

When engineers have created Chuwi eBook, they thought about the minimum price of the device, so the specifications are not the most powerful. For example, the processor performs a series of Intel Atom Z3736F Bay Trail. Pretty powerful processor to work with casual tasks like office suite, web browser, mail and other things that we use every day. Also, the tablet Chuwi eBook is equipped with 2 GB of RAM. Built-in memory for storage of personal content is 32 GB. Unfortunately, the tablet does not have a slot for a micro SD cards, but you can use the cloud storage.

The display is 10 inches with a resolution of 1280 by 800 pixels. The matrix is ​​made by technology IPS. Display works in tandem with the pen HanWang ES4, which provides recognition of the tablet pressure sensitivity. The pen operates without batteries. It is a regular stylus, and we do not quite understand how system works.

Chuwi eBook has HDMI and microUSB, modern wireless modules. Interestingly, that device works on two operating systems – Google Android 4.4 KitKat and Microsoft Windows 8.1.

Review Chuwi eBook - cheap iPad Pro version

Design Chuwi eBook

As we have said, the manufacturer try to make the price as low as possible, so the materials are not the best quality. On the front panel is placed display with symmetric black frames on all sides. The side edges are rounded. On the sides placed standard buttons lock screen controls and sound volume. On the back is located camera and company’s logo.

The tablet has enough cheap plastic, especially when compared with aluminum body iPad Pro.

Conslusion Chuwi eBook

So, the Chuwi eBook has a weak processor, grainy screen, operating systems of the previous generation and some other disadvantages. But don’t forget that tablet has 2GB of RAM, stylus and its price is $170.

Chuwi eBook is ideal for drawing, taking notes, viewing movies or working applications. If you need a large but low-cost tablet, then this device will be a good candidate.

Review Chuwi eBook – cheap iPad Pro version updated: November 27, 2015 author: Richard Brown

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