Cube i7 Remix – review

Cube i7 Remix - review

Tablet Android Cube i7 Remix is not a miracle tablet but we decided to test because it has an ace up its sleeve, the Android operating system modified by Jide, Remix OS. Good hardware, aluminum body, a low price along with Remix OS will have been able to generate?

Cube i7 Remix - review

Hardware  Cube i7 Remix

 A board of this “giant” fined a quad core 64bit, Intel Atom Z3735F Baytrail, a typical solution for mini PC that knows his stuff and does not disappoint. Of course, you need to think in terms of device low budget, but with a little ‘patience and giving up games heavier, there never get angry at the slow exasperated, as is the case of tablet more famous. This is partly a good GPU, never in trouble in the reproduction of movies in 4K. The RAM is 2GB DDR3 and 32 GB of internal memory is sufficient for the installation of all the app you want, and the data can easily be stored on the external microSD supported up to 32GB. Connectivity includes not data traffic via SIM, only Wifi 802.11 b/g/n for connecting to the Internet. There are however bluetooth 4.0, USB OTG, the miniHDMI and a classic USB 2.0. The supplied sensor is complete, thanks to the accelerometer, the brightness sensor and the gyroscope. The rear camera of 5 MP is low quality, almost unusable and the front, with its 2 MP has proven sufficient for video calls.

Cube i7 Remix - review

  Ergonomics and Design Cube i7 Remix

 11.6-inch screen in 16: 9 is a guarantee of significant size. Cube i7 Remix is in fact, large, heavy and awkward to handle. Despite the lower price segment, the materials are of good quality, aluminum for the body and keys and a single band of polycarbonate rubber on top. The protective glass of the display is a major defect of the product, poor quality and strength. Tends to fill with fingerprints, it is reflective, but also flexes dangerously toward the LCD panel when pressed with a little ‘more power. 297 x 180 mm at a thickness of 9.1 mm and weight of 840 grams, its vocation is not the portability, rather makes her look good when placed horizontally and maybe combined with the keyboard (sold separately at 60 €).

Cube i7 Remix - review

  Display, Audio & Multimedia Cube i7 Remix

  The retina display is 11.6 inches and resolution 1920 × 1080 pixel IPS type, not bad panel, but almost totally compromised by the poor quality of the protective glass that obscures the colors and brightness. Many also the distance between the glass and LCD, a real shame. The audio is entrusted to two powerful speaker positioned on the right side of the body. Although powerful and good quality, we cannot really promote them fully for two reasons: the stereo effect is canceled by the close position of the two outputs, but also by the fact that they are placed on the same side; the placing on board instead of on the front means that picking up the tablet, you end up more often to cover one of the two grids resulting in loss of power and quality. On the multimedia side Cube   i7 Remix; you are saved thanks to its ability to read virtually any audio, video and images.

Cube i7 Remix - review

 Battery & Autonomy Cube i7 Remix

  The 8400 mAh battery provides about 7 hours of screen on but if you do not put the whip (as we did) may go even further. Online, in short, with the tablet those do not care too much about the design and prefer a good heat dissipation and battery capacious.

Cube i7 Remix - review

  Software Cube i7 Remix

  Remix OS will soon be the subject of an our in-depth review, as regards Cube i7 Remix we have on board the first version (1.0) are not free of bugs, based on Android 4.4 KitKat. The tablet will be updated Lollipop with Remix OS 1.5? The news is scarce but some sources are positive.

  Remix OS 1.0 is a modified version of Android KitKat with the declared aim of increasing productivity. Among the main aspects that characterize it is the task bar, a bar that houses shortcuts to the applications chosen, thumbnails of open applications in the background and a menu button on the right side. The operation is quite similar to that of the Windows taskbar, and then we can use some app and make the switch between open apps in a very convenient. The multifunction key, however, allows you to go close with one touch all the app open and make available the control of another important feature of OS Remix. That feature is to open in floating windows all applications. The control button above, you can choose to open a particular application in a window or full screen. The functionality is certainly interesting, especially from the perspective of a Remix Mini PC coming in the fall that will connect large screens, however, is not without some flaws. The most obvious of these is the fact that you cannot open any app in two modes. Paradoxically are those of system does not support dual display, while the third-party applications do not have problems. A second flaw is the need to close and reopen the app to switch between modes and final failure is the inability to resize or hook the floating windows. Two other features of the system are related to the use of a mouse and the keyboard shortcuts. Both accessories are not included in the package and not compatible with the two bluetooth keyboards and mice available to us. Kit app pre-installed is remarkable, from a file manager to the calendar through an app for notes, all graphically pleasing and created with care and attention. There is also MX Player but you’re using it with a video player ud system really excellent.

Cube i7 Remix - review


 Although the processor is not a lightning war, the behavior in browsing (with Chrome) is almost perfect. The device should never be in trouble, even on websites particularly heavy. The generous size of the screen allows a pleasant usability, though the form factor so stretched reduces the useful area to display content.


 Cube i7 Remix is not a gaming tablet. And I thought to productivity, so is able to give its best in multitasking, at the expense of peak performance. The superheat is never excessive, just 38C ° in the upper part and on the back. Given the summer period and the stress to which we submitted, it is a good result. Great for games and static strategy, not suitable for sports games, first-person shooter and.

 ROM preinstalled

 Unfortunately ROM preinstalled on the device represented many headaches. It was only in English and Chinese, but more importantly, without the services of Google preinstalled (PlayStore, Playservice, and Google Apps). To solve the problem we have requested the support of Tiny Deal, who assured us that from now on the tablet will be directly supplied with a full version of the Italian language and the services of Google (and root). If this does not happen, here is a guide to install the firmware version that you have seen on video. You will need a PC with Windows 7 because of drivers obsolete. There are no complicated operations to follow but you have to arm yourself with good patience or ask the help of a knowledgeable friend to avoid disappointment. Then we refer to this LINK to our forum for the complete guide.

Cube i7 Remix - review


Cube i7 Remix comes to street price of around 200 € (most likely will settle on 160) that considered the hardware of a good standard and special software; they can be a good investment. Unfortunately the solution low budget choice for the protective glass, it heavily affects the overall quality. Also of note is that the software currently has some gaps, and we cannot say with certainty which will be upgraded to version 1.5. If you plan to use this tablet mainly in the evening (when the quality of the protective glass has no effect), you are looking for a solid product with a big screen, then Cube i7 Remix can be a good choice.

Cube i7 Remix – review updated: August 9, 2015 author: Bob Gray

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