Soon a HTC One M9 with 64 GB of internal memory ?

Soon a HTC One M9 with 64 GB of internal memory?

HTC has announced the One M9 with a single storage capacity in Barcelona but could introduce an additional option in the coming weeks. 32 GB, the flagship increase to 64GB.

 Each new generation of flagship stores brings novelties. The memory is almost always involved. On the iPhone 6 and the Galaxy S6 particular, it now goes up to 128 GB for storage (depending on the market, but still of course optional). This is obviously not the case for everyone. HTC, meanwhile, has announced a single capability for its new One M9. It is 32 GB. The advantage is that it has decided to keep the microSD slot unlike the other two mentioned manufacturers. But it would still have decided to make some more.

 An option to 64 GB for some markets

 According LlabTooFeR source that has already proven reliable on numerous occasions in the past, the Taiwanese would indeed intended to market a new version of the One M9. We are not talking of One M9 Plus or One E9, expected before the end of the month in China, but the One M9 we already know the difference either would have 32GB of internal memory but double that 64GB.

 The news is actually not surprising insofar as the One (M8) also existed in two versions. And yes, if it was available with 16 GB of internal memory with us, it was possible to find a 32GB model in some markets. HTC also retain the same system, except that the minimum capacity increased to 32 GB. 64 GB option and should be reserved for selected markets.

 Suffice to say that we are not very confident about our chances to see proposed. But before the envious, still expect it to be official by HTC.

Soon a HTC One M9 with 64 GB of internal memory ? updated: March 11, 2015 author: Bob Gray

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