Huawei Watch, the price could rise to $ 1,000

Huawei has surprised us with his first watch Android Wear. Soberly called Watch, it appears as a jewel. It could also have the price.

 As expected, Huawei has unveiled high-end smartphones in Barcelona this year, but his stand was again well supplied. We even had a little crush on her watch. For a first, the manufacturer has hit hard with a particular care based on noble materials design. It remains to know the price since has not been released at the show. And, since it is generally not a sensitive issue for Huawei, the fact that it did not address this time is worrying. BGR and is not there to reassure us.

Huawei Watch, the price could rise to $ 1,000

 A four-digit price for Huawei Watch?

 Our colleagues have indeed published a post on the subject. They relay to a prize given by one of their sources and notes would be somewhat salty. There is talk of not less than $ 1000, which would make the Watch shows Android Wear the most expensive by far. The LG Watch Urbane we previously thought about to take this up with an expected price of € 349. Its LTE variant will probably be a little more expensive but still should still be well below shows if the price of Huawei unveiled today is correct.

Huawei Watch, the price could rise to $ 1,000

 Of gold and silver models

 Again, we would be surprised that it be given the usual pricing policy of Huawei but our colleagues emphasize an important point. What we presented so far as mere colors would actually be a little more. Understand that gold and silver actually return matches the composition of housing. If we add to this the matching bracelets and synthetic sapphire glass that protects the screen, we could actually reach $ 1,000.

 Nevertheless, the two metals do not have the same value. The price could vary from one model to another; the highest logically back to gold. The money would be below. Not to mention the black model, while probably still underneath. Still remember that Huawei had submitted his watch with stainless steel housing without discrimination for different colors. It should quickly enlighten us. The launch is scheduled for mid-year.

Huawei Watch, the price could rise to $ 1,000 updated: March 5, 2015 author: Bob Gray

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