Pepsi announced its first smartphone – Pepsi Phone P1

We have recently seen outside the world of telephony brands launched their own smartphones. Kodak did the same with the Kodak IM5, a terminal that went unnoticed by US stores. More interesting was the proposal to Marshall, the renowned manufacturer of amplifiers offers a mid-range terminal with advanced audio. Now it’s the turn of Pepsi, yes, the cola manufacturer knew around the world also will launch a smartphone, or so they claim. The American company has launched a campaign of crowdfunding to produce its first smartphone: Pepsi Phone P1. The campaign was carried out in China, where they hope to gather the necessary amount before December 3 when the deadline is to raise funds. We tell you all about the Pepsi Phone P1.

Pepsi announced its first smartphone - Pepsi Phone P1

Pepsi Phone P1 has not yet come true but is very close to materializing if Pepsi brand is able to reach 3 million yuan (about 437,000 euros at current exchange rates), a number needed to start the project. So we have from G for Games, which also published a few days ago the rumor of this same team. Finally, the rumor has been confirmed and in fourteen days we will know if the Pepsi Phone P1 goes into production. Participants can donate a minimum of one yuan, but if the donation is very low not be made with Pepsi Phone, but entered to win more than 500 users. Those who donate 499 yuan itself may be made to the terminal without having to do anything else.

Pepsi announced its first smartphone - Pepsi Phone P1

 Pepsi has made a series of renderings so we can have a look at its design. The first thing that caught our attention is the use of metal in the back cover, but has not confirmed and could be plastic with the metallic finish. Also, at the rear also it carries a fingerprint sensor, the function fashion smartphones, both high-end and, in this case, midrange. The company has also revealed details about the technical profile of Pepsi Phone P1, which is not exactly surprising, but does not disappoint.

 The terminal would have a 5.5-inch screen and HD resolution, a fairly common configuration providing a density of 441 dots per inch. Inside we find a Mediatek MT6792 processor running at 1.7 GHz and are supported by 2GB of RAM. Speaking of memory, internal capacity Pepsi Phone P1 would be 16 GB and assume that can be extended with MicroSD cards. As for the cameras, Pepsi would have opted for the usual pair of sensors of this type terminal: 13 megapixels in the back and 5-megapixel front to selfies with acceptable quality. Finally, the battery 3000 milliamps and Android 5.1 Lollipop close its profile specifications. We look forward to tracing the Pepsi Phone P1.

Pepsi announced its first smartphone – Pepsi Phone P1 updated: November 19, 2015 author: Bob Gray

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