Meizu MX5 could have a 41 megapixel main camera

Meizu MX5 could have a 41 megapixel main camera

2014 has been a very good year for Meizu, not only for the release of several different smartphones, but also because everyone has enjoyed great success. Now that you have already launched four smartphones promised in the beginning, and can focus to work on their next flagship, the Meizu MX5, which are beginning to emerge early concepts like this morning, or the first rumors as now.

 According to these rumors, the new company’s flagship vessel will feature a completely new design, and not only that, if not also be a real “beast” within specifications.

 The Meizu MX5 is rumored that could have a 5.5 inch screen with a resolution 2K, and speaking of which will feature a new technology in fingerprint reader, which will improve the already excellent reader if Meizu MX4 Pro . On your processor is still unclear, but is likely to return to opt for one of the last SoCs has MediaTek in the market.

 As for the RAM is almost certainly increase to 4 GB, which in this 2015 may become the standard. And now we come to the really interesting rumors, which is what concerns its main camera point. According to these rumors, the Meizu MX4 have an impressive 41 megapixel sensor, which could be the result of collaboration with Nokia, which was later denied by Vice Meizu own.

 Could have the Meizu MX5 a camera with 41 megapixels? What specifications may be those that had the new flagship of the company?

Meizu MX5 could have a 41 megapixel main camera updated: February 23, 2015 author: Bob Gray

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