HTC One M9 + resurfaced physical button below the screen

HTC One M9 + resurfaced physical button below the screen

The One M9 + a lurch at MWC but we obviously do not prevent him since. A new visual fleeing reveals the variant with QHD screen for the last flagship of HTC. At the front and rear, there is change.

 HTC has chosen to ignore the qHD screen for the One M9 but it would only be postponed. He says in effect for several weeks that the component would have been reserved for a variant of the flagship. It was even originally expected at MWC, where its absence has inevitably cast doubt. Is it really? For now, it seems at least it was in development at a time as prototypes could be photographed. One could also inspire the visual below, relayed by OnLeaks.

 You will notice that shows two smartphones. The first is the One M9. The second, the One M9 + or at least what might have been the One M9 +. Both models are obviously very similar but significant differences are noted, many already envisaged in the past. The first is size. The variant is greater than the original. Nothing new. It has always been said that the diagonal of the screen would increase with the definition to 5.2. “

 Then comes the physical button below the screen, also mentioned above. There should always host a fingerprint reader. However, this is the first time we see the built in this way, in the middle of the speaker BoomSound. The integration was cleaner in the design that we originally thought to be that of the new generation of One, with glass front and speakers at the ends.

 The last difference is to look back. The camera is square on the One M9 while it is rounding on the One M9 +, as already shown several pictures. So it is not particularly shocking. However, the return of Duo Camera is a little more. The technology was abandoned on the flagship. Why would a variant? We see two possible explanations.

 The first is that the prototype on which Visual Basic does not new, and especially before that HTC decided to abandon it. The second is that it may have been improved and was not ready to join the One M9, which could also explain why the two models were ultimately not been presented together.

 Recall that the One + M9 are now expected in the course of the second quarter. With or without Duo Camera, nonetheless should incorporate a qHD screen of 5.2 “, 3 GB RAM, 32 GB of internal memory and a webcam 13 or 4 megapixel.

HTC One M9 + resurfaced physical button below the screen updated: March 24, 2015 author: Bob Gray

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