Haier presents SmartWatch for children and older people


Although much remains to innovate, in the era of wearable devices (those electronic parts manufacturers have designed to carry around), we have seen everything. SmartWatch are simple, but the market can also find the most sophisticated devices. What has made the Chinese company Haier, a leading manufacturer of appliances worldwide, is to bring these technologies to the most vulnerable public. The firm has just launched three products, as useful as successful: one smartwatch or smart watch for children, one for older people and a pet collar locator. All three have a clear target: to take advantage of new technologies to make life easier for people. But look closely at this trio of products.

 Children SmartWatch with SOS

 It is one of the flagship products of Haier for this Haier Mobile World Congress 2015. This is a smart watch aimed at children aged between 2 and 8 years, submersible (up to 30 meters deep) with an OLED screen of 0.96 inches and function call. In addition to incorporating microphone and speaker, has a handy SOS button (you’ll see marked in red) to call different numbers if an emergency occurs. The device includes an interface location via GPS system, plus memory for a few days, which will serve for a tracking of the route which made the child.

Haier presents SmartWatch for children and older people

 We like that it includes such interesting features like Kid Phone, to monitor the environment through a small microphone and a special application support that parents can use to define a safety zone. So when passing the geographical barrier will receive a warning. This app will be available from the App Store and Google Play, since it is compatible with iOS and Android.

 The same smartwatch, but for older people

 The smartwatch that Haier has presented Elder has almost the same features and functionality as the smartwatch for children. It is waterproof, incorporates a SOS button and provides the ability to configure a geographical area of user safety. Relatives of people with this watch will also have the opportunity to hear what you do for that is totally secure. The call SmartWatch Senior will be available with bracelets of red and black color. Its battery can last up to two hours without recharging.

Haier presents SmartWatch for children and older people

 Smart Pet Collar

 Who has not escaped the dog in a careless and has been in an anxiety for hours? The new collar pet Haier has the same functionality as smart bracelets for children and adults, like microphone, speaker or application that you can download from Google Play or the App Store to have controlled the animal within an area of security. When the pet out of this space, the user will receive alerts and tracking the route you are doing. Yes, the collar also includes GPS technology. The necklace is made of leather and available in various colors.

 Haier presents SmartWatch for children and older people

Currently there are no price data, neither on the arrival of these three products to the European market. Remain vigilant to news Haier offer this information as soon as possible.

Haier presents SmartWatch for children and older people updated: March 2, 2015 author: Bob Gray

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