Asus Impresario SBW-S1 Pro – Blu-Ray recorder that plays 3D and 7.1

Asus Impresario SBW-S1 Pro - Blu-Ray recorder that plays 3D and 7.1

More and more laptops for sale that lack a DVD recorder or the like integrated. Therefore, those who are still relying on optical disks as storage media are good candidates to consider this product from Asus. It’s called Impresario SBW-S1 Pro, and is an external burner for Blu-ray and DVD, which also incorporates a sound card and headphone amplifier. It is a unit that looks closer to the world of high fidelity to computing. It takes up little space, much like a pack of sheets. It is a team designed for multimedia entertainment, but it is equally useful when backing up. Actually, even it protects data stored on a system of 256-bit encryption and encrypted file name.

 You can record on DVD and Blu-ray discs with a maximum speed of 6x. Supports BD-R single and dual layer BD-RE single and dual-layer discs. This must add DVD-R / RW, DVD + R / RW, DVD-RAM, CD-R and CD-RW discs. As for the read compatibility apart from the above optical media, you can also play Blu-ray, Blu-ray 3D and DVD. You can convert DVD movies originally edited in Full HD 3D for viewing on a television screen, for example.

Asus Impresario SBW-S1 Pro - Blu-Ray recorder that plays 3D and 7.1

 Laptops, and many desktops, can only provide stereo sound. That’s something that can be improved by this product from Asus. Integra a sound card with 7.1 channels. Thus, the user will be able to enjoy multichannel surround sound when you want to watch your favorite movies. Competitive players will also appreciate this feature when you immerse yourself in your favorite video games, especially if they are in action. The x acts as external sound card that connects to your computer via the USB port without further complications. Then, connect the speaker set you prefer, you can also be 7.1 or 5.0.

 Another important aspect is the headphone amplifier. That will help facilitate listening to music in private with high quality. The headphone jack is a stereo minijack (33.5 mm). Connectivity is complete with an optical digital audio output and stereo audio output. The audio processor is a high performance Cmedia 663A and the D/A converter (digital to analog) is a Cirrus CS4398. The USB port, incidentally, is version 2.0. Moreover, the optical reader has four shock absorbers that reduce noise during playback. At maximum speed, the noise emitted by the unit reaches 36 decibels. The Asus Impresario SBW-S1 Pro is 210 by 168 and by 50 millimeters and weighs 850 grams. It is possible to find in the shops of our country at a retail price of 220 euros.

Asus Impresario SBW-S1 Pro – Blu-Ray recorder that plays 3D and 7.1 updated: September 24, 2015 author: Bob Gray

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